About Me - Zack Jernigan

About Me

Hey Everyone, I am a Colorado amateur photographer who loves shooting wildlife, night-time, and landscape sceneries.  I started taking photos as a hobby in roughly 2012 when I got my first DSLR camera and got bitten by the photography bug hard .  I've always been fascinated with animals and love seeing them in their natural habitat.  

I like to think my photography theme is "Capturing God's creation since 2012" or at least that's how I've thought of it.  

I do shoot local events and people too upon request.   If you are interested in purchasing a piece, feel free to do so through the site or you can drop me an email at zjphotosco@gmail.com.  I sometimes have specials going on and might be able to get a better price for you then what is listed.

Finally, all photos on this site are registered with the United States Copyright Office prior to publishing.  Any use, without written consent, is prohibited. 

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